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Shenzhen Qian Cai Home Art Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Shenzhen Canmei Home, established in 2004 and initially engaged in the retail and retail of furniture and accessories. Through 13 years of growth, with clear and clear development goals and unique marketing strategies, The company's business content has been developed in various ways, adding home furnishings design, curtain fabrics, wallpaper, wall coverings, soft and hard packages, and other businesses, and has become a professional supporting overall business of many well-known real estate developers downstream industrial chain.
      The company owns brands such as “Fu Cai Na”, “Qian Cai Home” and “Fei Ya”, and it is also an agent for many well-known household brands. With a professional space and accessories design team, Tailor made a feasible solution for the customer, so that different ideas can be finally achieved.

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  • Curtain purchase note

    Noise protection. When the continuous vocal pollution in the room reaches 30 decibels, it interferes with normal sleep. The texture is preferably a curtain that can absorb sound, such as flocking, cotton and hemp. In general, the thicker the curtains are, the better the sound-absorbing effect is, and the good-quality curtains can reduce external noise by 10%-20%.

  • Curtain price You don't know the formula

    Generally, curtains or gauze curtains require double folds. The width of the cloth is 1.5 meters wide and 2.8 meters wide. The 1.5 meters wide cloth is considered as the height, and the 2.8 meters wide cloth is the width. Of course, a 1.5-meter-wide cloth has a seamed edge, but it does not waste the cloth. The 2.8-meter-wide cloth does not have an interface, but it may waste the cloth. The 2.8-meter-wide cloth is more suitable for floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • What are the basic functions of curtains?

    Curtains can be said to be indispensable in home renovation, and now the basic function of curtains can be reduced light, shading, to meet the different needs of people in light intensity; but also fire, wind, dust, warm, silencer , heat insulation, radiation protection, UV protection, etc., to improve the living room climate and environment. What are the features of the curtains that we are talking about today?